Bridal Kayla

Your Wedding Day…

At Boogaloo, we believe in making you happy and looking your best for your day. Wither it's weddings, grads or any special occasion, we want you to feel pampered and at ease. You do your own makeup and hair everyday, but why not let us help you put a personal and professional touch to it!

Here are some popular questions and answers, that we get asked all the time...

Yes, our stylist(s) can travel. Depending on distance, we add in a travel fee. We have travelled to Calgary, Banff, Lake Louise, Drumheller, Kananaskis....
We take 50% deposit from our clients, especially when booking bridal parties. A gift card can be purchased as well to be used towards your bill. Please read our cancellation policy.
Having a practice run or consultation is solely personal preference. We want you to feel comfortable. Bring pictures if you like and we are happy to discuss a game plan to suit your style. You may also bring any accessories with you as well.
Yes we can add what you like. With the discussion between you and your stylist, we can choose a plan to create the look you want. Please bring the accessory with you. (ex)hair extensions, vale, etc.
We have 5 stylists to accommodate a party. Keep in mind each stylist may be able to accommodate more than one client.
Yes, we offer both hair and makeup. If we can't arrange our makeup artist for that day, you are more than welcome to bring your own makeup artist!
No! Please wash it the day before and yes you can use product. We don't want it too clean, nor too dirty as well!