Manicures Pedicures Kayla

Mani's & Pedi's

Increase blood circulation; Enjoy a relaxing massage of the hands and feet. A Manicure and Pedicure improve blood circulation & mobility for the joints. 

Improve the health of your nails; Our hands, especially, are exposed to a lot of elements and products on a daily basis. Deep cleaning is beneficial as dead skin cells on your hands are removed. This in turn creates new cell growth. Your nails will be overall stronger and healthier. 

De-stress; Sometimes all it takes to relax is a hand & foot massage. Relax during the manicures and pedicures at Boogaloo, as they are a great way to relax. If you’re feeling stressed, some of us tend to pick at our cuticles, leaving them dry, cracked and bleeding.

Keeps hands and feet smooth and soft; Canadian winters are harsh and last too long. With regular manicures and pedicures during these months you can help to keep your skin and nails smooth and soft despite the exposure to the harsh winter elements. If you don’t take care of your hands and feet, you can experience dry, cracked skin that leaves painful sores and potential scars.

Manicures Mini (30 min) $26
Boogaloo (45 min) $35
Signature (60 min) $45
Pedicures Mini (45 min) $40
Boogaloo (60 Min) $65
Signature (75 min) $75